The Super Kernel Basmati rice, otherwise popularly known as the King of Rice, is one of the finest grains that Mother Nature has to offer. It is a popular Pakistani grade basmati variety of rice with extra long grains. The average grain length of Super Kernel Basmati Rice is 7.2mm. Upon cooking it gives out a strong and delicious aroma and doubles in size. Super Kernel Basmati is the most popular basmati rice variety from South Asia that holds cultural and historical significance in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. The great taste of this gem is loved all over the world.

Facts About Super Kernel Basmati
Super Kernel Basmati is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas in the Punjab region of South Asia. The reason why Super Kernel Basmati is regarded as the King of Rice is because the rice exclusively grows in the Punjab region of the subcontinent. It is genuinely
unique to the rain-fed basins of the Ravi and Chenab rivers that flow from the Himalayas to India and Pakistan.
While Pakistan produces more than 150,000 tons of Super Kernel Basmati rice annually, only 30% of the total produce is consumed locally. This rice variety has the largest international market of all, and is commonly used across South to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.
Super Kernel Basmati is a long grain rice variety that is very easy to cook, tastes great, and has a nutty aroma that makes it unique. The length of the rice doubles or even triples after cooking that releases a superior fragrance due to the special climate and soil conditions of the Himalayas.
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