PK-386 is a class of non basmati fragrant rice that looks more or less like the basmati grain variety that commonly grows in the Punjab province of Pakistan. PK-386 is the most used non basmati rice variety across Asia, Africa, and Middle East, with a growing market in Europe, Australasia, and the Americas.

In PK-386, there are other varieties ranging from white rice to parboiled rice and even brown rice. At RBInternational, we provide the finest quality of PK-386 non basmati fragrant rice that passes through industry best quality assurance and control. This leaves our customers with fragrant, aromatic, and delicious rice products that are free from stones, stems, broken grains, and more.

Facts About PK-386

PK-386 non basmati fragrant rice is hugely popular across Asia, Middle East, and Africa as it is used in cooking the famous South Asian cuisine,Biryani. However, the PK-386 parboiled rice variety has also gained popularity over the years, especially in European and Western countries as it provides flexibility to cook a wide range of ethnic Asian cuisines from the Middle East, all the way to Southeast Asia.

Generally speaking, there are two main varieties of PK-386 non basmati fragrant rice, non basmati white rice, and non basmati parboiled rice. However, at RB International, we also provide the PK-386 non basmati brown rice variety for local and international customers. Our rice products are available in varying packaging from 1 KG to more than 50 KGs.

Despite having the same fragrance as basmati rice, which is also cultivated in the Punjab province, PK-386 is a non basmati variety and has an exclusive grain form. PK-386 non basmati fragrant rice is also cheaper than the basmati rice variety, and has the largest markets in Africa and the Middle East. In fact, the PK-386 non basmati rice trade to these two regions almost matches the local consumption of the variety in Pakistan. This is because PK-386 offers good value for money and is ideal for ethnic Middle Eastern and African cuisines

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