IRRI-6 rice is short long grain non-basmati rice produced in interior Sindh and Punjab Regions of Pakistan. IRRI 6 Long Grain is very popular in Bangladesh, African Continent and Gulf Markets.

RB International is one of the best suppliers of IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice to local and international customers. We export both quality of IRRI-6 Rice i.e White rice & Parboiled rice

From the rice fields to your plates, the rice grains pass through industry leading production, processing, and packaging. Our competitive prices and international standards in quality of rice make us the ideal choice for markets worldwide!

Facts About IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice

This long grain variety is superior to other grades of non-basmati and is generally supplied in bulk shipments to African regions. This is best selling Pakistani rice all over the world.

Product Specifications

Average Grain Length: 6.00 MM

Polishing Grade: Double/Silky Polished

Chalky Grains: 3%

Max Foreign Grains: 0.2%

Max Foreign Matter: 0.1%

Max Paddy Grain: 0.2 %

Max Under-milled & Red-striped: 2% Max

Why Is Our IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice Different?

We also provide competitive wholesale rates to local and international business partners and consumers that give them the purest quality of IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice.

At RB International, we make sure our customers get the best quality of  IRRI-6 Long Grain Rice . Our approach to rice Milling and supply has helped us become one of the leading suppliers of  this Long Grain Non-Basmati Rice in the international market.

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