IRRI-6: 100 % Broken

Pakistan exporter big quantity of IRRI6 white rice 100% Broken Rice worldwide. It’s resoundingly famous worldwide due to its vast usability for cereals to chemical creation such as fructose. It’s hugely consumed because of its usability. This variety of rice can be Basmati as well as Non-Basmati rice. IRRI 6 100% broken rice is much recognized because of its rational pricing in most of the third world countries. So, IRRI 6 rice is fit for every culture as it can be used easily.



Moisture Content 14.5% Max
Average Grain Length: 3 mm to 4.5 mm
Light Yellow Grains: 0-2% Max
Broken Grains: 100%
Chalky Grains: 5% Max
Contrasting Varieties: 07% Max
Under-milled Red-striped:  2%
Color: white